On This Date in History …

… the prophecy was fulfilled.  The savior of comedy was born in Brooklyn, NY.  (Yes, I’m talking about me!  Exaggerating of course.  A little bit.)

At any rate, today is my birthday, another year older and all that, but I am having a really good day.  As I mentioned in an earlier post, Cooper and I have two media interviews set up.  The newspaper appointment is tomorrow at one o’clock.  It will run in July in the Sunday magazine section of four different papers.  Nice, huh?

I spoke to the reporter yesterday and he’s excited.  He thanked me for agreeing to the interview.  As I told him, there is mutual benefit.  He needs the story and we need the publicity.  That’s how the media and show business work hand in hand.  A symbiotic relationship.

Cooper and I met today to prepare for the interview.  She bought me breakfast for my birthday.  (She’s really a terrific friend as well as the best creative partner I’ve ever had.)  We went over the most important points we’d like to get across.  It’s exciting.  Publicity is part of the business and we’re embracing it and eager to get started.

We’re hoping to give a nice boost to our IndieGoGo campaign, which launches July 17.  We’re learning how to play the game and I’m proud of how we’re doing.  I’m in a reflective mood today with this being my birthday and I’m pleased with the course my life has taken over the last couple of years.  I took a long time getting here, but I feel like I’m finally well on my way to becoming the person I always should have been.  I feel better than I have in a long time.  I hesitate to use the dreaded “h” word, but I may be on the verge of being happy.  Remarkable.

So, happy birthday to me!  My first one as a director.  Full speed ahead into the next project.  The life of an artist is not for everyone, but I love it.  Wouldn’t have it any other way.


There are a number of areas in which we are aiming to improve our performance on our current film.  One of the most important is publicity.  I did make an attempt at this on ISN’T IT ROMANTIC?  It was the reason, after all, that I started this blog.  I never really got the hang of it though.

Early in preproduction, I had a member of my team assigned to handle our social media.  He had some problems with his computer but honestly, was not making much of an effort anyway.  For this individual, filmmaking is a hobby, just a way to satisfy his curiosity about how movies are made.  I ended up handling all of it myself.

It’s not difficult, just time consuming and with everything else a director must do, there isn’t much time left over to really do the job effectively.  I also was new to both Facebook and Twitter.  I have done considerable studying and also have learned from my past experience.  I’m trying to manage my time better and make room for PR.   I’m off to a better start on MY SPIRITED SISTER. 

With our IndieGoGo campaign going live next month, it is crucial to get the word out about the film and our crowd funding goals.  I’m much more adept with social media, for example, in the use of hashtags.  I’m doing a much better job in reaching more people.  This time around, I am also using traditional media, as recommended by mentors I trust.

I contacted the arts editor of the Danbury, CT News-Times and a reporter is going to write a feature article.  He’ll interview Cooper and me about our lives as independent filmmakers and also about MY SPIRITED SISTER.  It will be a great way to reach out to our local community and let them know what two of their fellow citizens are doing and how they can be a part of it.

I’ve also booked an interview for us on a public access television program in West Hartford.  I’m very excited.  I did a fair amount of television in my stand up days, public access and interviews on local news stations.  It’s a lot of fun and I’m very comfortable doing it.  We’re also planning to book our three young stars on the show in a few weeks to help give the campaign a boost at the midpoint.

It’s very exciting and I’m proud that we’re taking such big steps forward.  We’re hoping to raise a significantly greater amount of money for this film.  We want to make a better movie and would love to be able to pay everyone involved at least something for their efforts.  We’ll also be able to rent more and better equipment and have a bigger budget for set design and wardrobe.

I’m feeling proud of myself.  I’ve always picked things up very quickly and that seems to be holding true thus far for my filmmaking career.  My confidence is at a very high level and my self esteem has never been better.  Pretty good for a neurotic kid who never went to film school.  Like my fictional counterpart from ISN’T IT ROMANTIC? Danny Kresky, I’m no ordinary schmuck.