An Amazing Day for “Isn’t It Romantic?” and Me

Diana and Danny Scene 4

Today, April 4, 2013 will be a day I will never forget.  Two terrific events occurred.  The first was a nice surprise that we all worked to earn.  The second was something I never thought would happen again.

About three weeks ago, I sent a copy of ISN’T IT ROMANTIC? to film critic Phil Hall of  FilmThreat is a well established site that covers movies, particularly independent films.  A friend and fellow writer ran into Phil and told him about my project.  Phil was interested and told my friend he would like to review it.  So when it was finished, I took him up on his offer.

The review was posted today.  You can read it here: Review  Not only did Mr. Hall take the time to watch ISN’T IT ROMANTIC? and review it, he also stopped by our Facebook page, liked it and posted the link to the review with a positive comment.  I am truly grateful.

A very exciting moment.  The first review of my first film.  And it’s a good one.  I’m humbled.  Phil Hall is an experienced and respected critic and film actor who has had his work published in “The New York Times” and “The New York Daily News” and has written several books.  It’s a great feeling to know that something that I poured my passion and sweat into has proven to be entertaining.

From the moment I came up with the concept, it was my intention to make a good film.  There is a growing body of evidence that says, “We did”.

The second event may seem ordinary to most of you, but it was remarkable to me.  For the first time since August of 1997, I went on a date.  I seriously never thought that would happen again in my lifetime.  I spent a very pleasant afternoon with a lovely woman.  Bright, attractive and a lot of fun, we truly enjoyed each other’s company.  I feel like a sports team that has finally made the playoffs after a long stretch of losing seasons.

I came home feeling better than I have in ages, then I find the review.  April 4, 2013.  A day that will live in … well, not infamy … but you get the idea.

In the Home Stretch

My onscreen directing credit for "Isn't It Romantic?"

My onscreen directing credit for “Isn’t It Romantic?”

There it is, boys and girls.  My actual directing credit, captured from the final cut of ISN’T IT ROMANTIC?  One of my long time dreams come true.  My editor took my basic white letters on black and tweaked it nicely.  The sign is part of the marquee of the Warner Theater in Torrington, CT where we shot the opening scene.  Woody Allen-ish, but my own unique take.  Very nice.

This past Tuesday, we had the first public screening of the movie.  It was for my cast, crew and family and friends.  The film is still not quite finished, it still needs a sound mix and color correction, but we have picture lock and the team was anxious to see it.  We had a little party and projected it onto a screen, the only way a movie should be seen.

It was a nice night, a success.  The film got a good round of applause and we watched it twice.  I got a rush of adrenaline I haven’t felt since my stand up days.  It was wonderful seeing the team again and reveling in our achievement.  Great to reminisce about the fun we had making it.

We had a professional sound mixer who was going to do the mix for free.  He was a friend of my cowriter.  Unfortunately, he had to drop out due to other commitments.  No problem at all.  I am really getting the hang of filmmaking.  Networking is rapidly becoming one of my skills.  I put out some feelers and picked up a number of candidates.  Today, we chose a very good mixer who is going to do the job for a price that fits the budget.  We also received a very generous donation from one of Tuesday night’s guests to pay for the mixer.  This project has been blessed.

Needless to say, I am feeling very good indeed.  I am expanding my skill set and my contacts.  I feel very good about my future in filmmaking.  My cowriter and I are working on a feature length romantic comedy and we also have a short in the works to shoot later this year, most likely late spring or summer.  I am even thinking of shooting two shorts this year, maybe another in the fall.

“ISN’T IT ROMANTIC?” is going to get plenty of festival exposure.  We have already been accepted to one.  We are going to be reviewed by an online film magazine and I am looking into several avenues of distribution.  My goal from day one was not merely to make a movie, but to make a good movie.  Mission accomplished.  I now have something nice to show potential investors for future projects.  Projects about which I will blog.  Can’t let down my loyal fans.

I am truly thrilled.  So nice to finally see that directed by credit.