Danny and Diana’s Trip

Danny Kresky’s Vanity Plate

Production on ISN’T IT ROMANTIC? officially resumes when, weather permitting, we will be shooting our exteriors.  This includes the final scene, as well as our lead couple, Danny and Diana Kresky, arriving at and entering a beautiful, New England country inn.  We also have to shoot their journey to the inn.  That will take place this week.

The Kreskys live in a beautiful home on an estate in Connecticut.  The inn is located in Vermont.  At least in the fictional world of the film.  In reality, both places are the exact same building, an amazing house in Middlebury, CT.  It’s big enough that w can use it for both locations.  Very cool and very convenient.

One thing we are doing to sell the fact that the house and inn are so far apart is to shoot a montage of the Kreskys’ car traveling to the inn.  I’ve scouted some locations with my DP and we’ve got some nice shots planned.  We’ll have the car exiting a driveway with a gate, coming over the crest of a hill, rounding a corner, those types of things.  There is also a beautiful covered bridge not far from where I live.   We’re going to get a shot of the car crossing the bridge.  We also are planning to simulate an aerial photo by placing the camera up on a ridge with a telephoto lens.  Movie magic.  I’ll have my audience convinced that a 30 second or so montage is a 3 hour trip.

In the first shot, I plan to have a close shot of the above license plate.  It will establish whose car it is as well as be a visual joke about Danny’s rather large ego.  It’s always nice when an element of a film can serve more than one purpose.  For me, it’s great that I can get a solid visual.  My films tend to be more literary in design with dialogue carrying the story more than in a typical film.  It fits my genre and my personal style.

We were originally going to find an expensive car for the scene.  I wanted a sports car, since Danny is a fun loving guy, much like me.  I found a man willing to let us use his Corvette for just $50.  The caveat was only he could drive it.  I was going to do that, but it would have limited the shots I could get to ones that did not show the driver.  We made a change based on a suggestion by my 1st AD.

I drive a 97 Mazda Miata.  Sports car, lots of fun and very nice, but certainly not something that says, “Success”.  He felt it would work because it could be a classic that Danny has held onto.  We could then take any kind of shots we needed with me behind the wheel.  I considered it and wasn’t quite sure.  Then, an experience convinced me.

A few weeks ago, I went to see LOOPER.  It was a good movie and featured a scene with Joseph Gordon-Levitt racing around in a 97 Miata.  The car looked great on the screen!  I was sold.  My car would be making its big screen debut.  I’m going to have to wash it better than I usually do.  Can’t have the Great Danny Kresky driving a dirty car!