Props: Movie Posters Needed

Now that we have our main location secured, I’m turning my attention (part of it anyway, there are so many things to do) to obtaining the props we will need to shoot our film.  One of the most important is really more of a set dressing than a prop, but we need movie posters.

The protagonist of the film, Danny Kresksy, is a very successful writer/director of popular romantic comedies.  We need a poster to be on display outside of a movie theater in our opening scene.  The same poster will be on the wall in his living room in the subsequent scene.  We also need posters for other fictitious films made by Danny to be displayed throughout the room.

We need someone to design the posters.  So we need to find a graphic artist.  On a small budget like ours, creativity is needed to acquire all of the elements necessary to make a good film.  Much like the deal we negotiated for the location.

I came up with an idea.  Surely someone out of the people who follow this blog, or our Facebook or Twiiter pages possess this talent.  If anyone would like to design the posters, contact me through my e-mail,  I can give you a movie title and description  and then you can design a poster.  If my team likes it, we will then ask you to design the remaining posters.  In exchange, you will receive a credit in the film as well as on our IMDBpro page.  We will also give you a free copy of the film.

Spread the word.  If you know anyone who can do this and might be interested, feel free to steer them my way.  I will be eternally grateful and you can be a part of the independent filmmaking community.