With Baited Breath

I’ve been eagerly checking the Facebook page for the Carmarthen Bay Film Festival to see if the awards have been posted yet.  They are five hours ahead of us, so it’s about 3 AM there right now.  The ceremony is certainly over, but the page has not been updated as of yet.

No problem, I am a very patient person.  Still, it’s exciting to think there may be a new laurel out there for us.  I know my team is waiting too.  Like a bunch of kids on Christmas Eve.

Well, it’s just the start.  There will be more festivals and screenings in our future.  More movies too.  I’ll update you all here as soon as I hear something.


Award Winning Has a Nice Ring to It

Tomorrow, April 14, is the awards ceremony at the Carmarthen Bay Film Festival in Wales, where ISN’T IT ROMANTIC? premiered on April 10.  It would be terrific to win one.

We could display the laurel on our Facebook page, one sheet and posters.  We could call it our “Award winning film”.  That would be very helpful in promotion and raising money for our next project.

I do have to say that I am really happy with everything that has happened thus far.  This film turned out very well.  I honestly expected that.  I believed in this project from day one.  I had some terrific people on my production team and a great cast.  It’s amazing to think back to a year ago, when I was still working on the script, I only had the leads cast and I had no idea where I was getting the money from or how I would fill out the crew and where I would shoot it.  It all came together through hard work, some good fortune and a group of us pulling together.

Keep your fingers crossed for us tomorrow.  I do like the sound of “Award Winning Film”.