I’m back!

It’s been quite a layoff friends and neighbors, but I am back. Still writing and directing with my partner, Cooper Campbell and back to blogging.

Many great things have come into my life, the best being that I am engaged! I met the most amazing woman on a dating site in late 2013 and now she’s my fiancé and I am living with her in beautiful Upstate New York.


Here we are on the happy day. I took her on a horse carriage ride through Central Park and proposed there. It was beautiful!


In the meantime, Cooper and I are working on a new feature length comedy script and we have also created a web series. We have an interested party in both the new series and “My Spirited Sister”, the sitcom pilot we shot in 2014. I will keep you apprised as things happen.


In the meantime, you can go to our YouTube channel: Route 202 Productions to see the MSS pilot as well as our short film, “Isn’t It Romantic?” So tune in, boys and girls because things are starting to get interesting.



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