“Do the Right Thing” – My Spirited Sister on Kickstarter

It’s a simple fact. It takes money to make a movie. Even micro budget productions require funding. Our latest project, MY SPIRITED SISTER, is no different. As I’m sure most of you know, crowd funding now the most common way independent films secure the necessary cash.

There has however, been a recent trend where established filmmakers are using crowd funding to pay for projects. Zach Braff and James Franco are just two examples. Nothing wrong with that. The option is available to everyone. The latest big name to enter the arena is Spike Lee, who just launched a campaign on Kickstarter, the same platform we are using to fund MY SPIRITED SISTER.

There has been some outrage over this. It’s been controversial and there are people who don’t feel it’s right for a director with a track record like Spike’s to be using a method that they feel should be limited to up and comers. Honestly, I am not one of them. I’ve always been a big fan of Spike Lee. He’s a Brooklyn guy like me, and more importantly, a brilliant filmmaker in my opinion. It’s a free country and he has as much right to use Kickstarter as we do. I wish him well.

I will say, however, that Spike will have no trouble funding this film. And I’m not talking about huge donations from Hollywood big shots. He has a huge fan base and will easily reach his goal with many, many small donations. That is the essence of crowd funding.

So, we are urging people to “Do the Right Thing” and contribute to a truly independent film, MY SPIRITED SISTER. We need it much more than Spike does. We’ve got a great project with a ton of potential. Here is the link: My Spirited Sister on Kickstarter Please check it out. We have perks that start as low as $5. You don’t have to give a huge amount.  It all adds up. True story. When the French built the Statue of Liberty, the US had to finance and build a base for it. They were hoping the money would come from wealthy New York citizens like the Astors and the Vanderbilts. The rich, however were not interested. Ordinary citizens, whose donations were generally less than one dollar, made contributions that totaled $120,000 and funded the base. Filmmaking works the same way.

You have the opportunity to be a patron of the arts. Please check out and share the link: My Spirited Sister on Kickstarter “Do the Right Thing”. Support truly independent film and be a part of our team. Think of the fun you’ll having reading my updates and knowing that you’re a part of making things happen. I’ll even throw this in: for everyone who reads this post and makes a contribution of any size, I will send you a link where you can view and download my last film, ISN’T IT ROMANTIC? How can you pass up that deal?


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