As I related in my last post, Cooper and I sat with with our editor and DP, Matt to get his feedback on the script for MY SPIRITED SISTER. His comments proved helpful, but perhaps not in the way he anticipated.  Through his critique, we were able to get Matt’s interpretation and see where it differed from what we were trying to say.  He made some good suggestions but they did not all fit our story.  However, in seeing where we failed to clearly get the point across, we are now able to fix those problems and clarify the story we want to tell.

We began the process yesterday.  An excellent point that Matt made was that he felt the story peaked too soon and was kind of flat thereafter.  That lead to a brainstorming session in which we added depth to the storyline.  We are very excited by the direction in which we’ve taken it.  This script is a considerable improvement over ISN’T IT ROMANTIC? which was very good.

Being able to utilize feedback to improve a script while staying true to one’s vision is tricky yet essential.  Frankly, it is a strength I have always had and Cooper does it pretty well too.  It comes down to confidence in one’s own ability.  Having a partner helps greatly.  Mutual support is a nice thing to have.  I cannot wait to shoot this film.  It will represent a big step forward in our development as filmmakers.



2 thoughts on “Revisions

  1. It’s great that you can take feedback that way. It’s taken me quite a while to understand that the reader is reacting to what is on the page, not to what I meant to write. You’re so ahead.

    You mentioned in your previous post the problem of marketing. One place that you’re marketing most definitely broke down is that I have no idea where to buy a DVD or download the movie. Keep in mind that, at this stage, “piracy” is not all bad. Your name gets spread and the next one is more likely to be bought. You could also post a clip (hard with a short but it can be done) that will entice people. That’s what free downloads of songs are about.

    May I ask a huge favor? May I see the script to “Isn’t it romantic” at some stage? Shorts are just off of my radar and it would be great to read one that attracted interest.

    Good luck rewriting!

  2. It’s always important to stay true to your own vision no matter what kind of feedback you get.

    We don’t currently have anyplace to download the movie and we’re note selling DVD’s yet. We’re going to let it run its course on the festival circuit and then look into DVD sales. I’ve also been seeking distribution.

    If you like, I can email you a the Vimeo link where you can watch and download the movie. I would also be happy to send you a PDF of the script. Contact me on my email:

    The rewrite is going very well so far.

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