Happy Birthday, Dad

I’m in a pensive mood today.  Today would have been my father’s seventy-eighth birthday.  He passed away on September 3, 2011.  We had a complex and difficult relationship when I was growing up, but I was able to reconcile with him as an adult.  I miss him and regret that he never got to see my first film.

My father loved movies.  Films and sports were the two loves we shared and about which we could always talk.  Even in his last days, his mind not nearly as sharp as it once was, he would enjoy watching a movie with my brother and I.  He couldn’t remember what he had for breakfast that day, but if one of us quoted a line from THE GODFATHER, he immediately recognized it and smiled.

My father was a bright, charming and very funny guy.  There’s no question I got my sense of humor from him and watching him make his friends laugh was one of my greatest motivations for becoming a stand up comic.  He never got to see me perform, the only family member who didn’t, but his friends told me that he used to brag about how smart, funny and talented I was.

I dedicated ISN’T IT ROMANTIC? to his memory.  I think he would have liked it.  He loved comedies and was as big a Woody Allen fan as I am.  It would have been nice to see his reaction had he gotten to see it.  No matter.  I still have my memories.  As I move on to my next film, MY SPIRITED SISTER, I still think of my father and all the times we watched movies together.  There’s a piece of him in me.  A valuable piece.  One without which I would not be the artist that I am.

Happy birthday, Dad.  Thank you for everything.  You gave me much more than you ever realized.

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