My Spirited Sister

It’s been awhile since I have posted because I have been quite busy.  In addition to my continual promotion of ISN’T IT ROMANTIC?, my partner and I have been working on the script for our new film, MY SPIRITED SISTER.  Yesterday, we finished our preproduction draft and we’re now ready to move forward.

This is exciting for us.  Finishing our first film fulfilled a long time goal for both of us.  That stands alone as an accomplishment for that reason.  For me, doing something a second time has its own unique satisfaction as well.  It proves the first time wasn’t a fluke, especially if the second project is an improvement on the first.

That is certainly the goal; to surpass what we did on ISN’T IT ROMANTIC?.  As well as it turned out, there are things we could have done better and we’re off to a good start on our new film.  First, MY SPIRITED SISTER is a short that is designed to be expanded to a feature length film.  We plan to use it as a teaser to attract attention to both our work and the story.

The story is the brainchild of my terrific writing partner, Cooper Campbell.  As most of you know, Cooper not only co-wrote ISN’T IT ROMANTIC?, but also played the role of Diana and was a producer.  Truth be told, she was a huge help to me as a director.  We are co-directing our new film and both excited to work together.

MY SPIRITED SISTER was conceived by Cooper.  She wrote the first draft and then we revised and polished it together.  It’s the story of a young girl whose older sister died a year prior to the start of the film.  Since her death, the family has essentially been frozen and unable to move on.  That includes the deceased older sister who remains in the family home in spirit.  The girls find themselves forced to work together to help the spirit move on.  It’s a drama/comedy with a profound undertone.  We’re very pleased with the story and eager to get underway.

The next phase for us will be fundraising.  We will be running another IndieGoGo campaign, which will be launching sometime this summer.  I will be blogging about this film and posting links.  We can certainly use the help of spreading the word, even beginning now.  We’ve already got four parts cast.  We’ll be using some of the team from ISN’T IT ROMANTIC? but we are planning to work with professionals to a greater extent on this film, so there will be a number of new faces.

This is an exciting time.  ISN’T IT ROMANTIC?  showed me that, as I suspected, I really enjoy directing and have an aptitude for it.  I’m looking forward to having that experience once again.  You can follow it here, just as you did before.  So, stay tuned to this station for another season of “The Making of a Film”.