A Hit in Wales!

Today, at 4:45 PM local time, ISN’T IT ROMANTIC? made its world premiere.  My editor was there and he reported that the film was well received.  The audience laughed, they were engaged and thoroughly enjoyed it.  After, there was a brief Q and A and he answered several questions about our team, the making of the film and how we raised the money.

What a terrific feeling!  My co-writer and I were emailing and texting each other around the time of the screening and we were very excited when we received the report.  So exciting to know that the project we work and sweated over, pouring in our talent and passion got out there in the world and did what it was supposed to: entertain a group of people.

This continues to be an amazing experience.  My hopes were to appeal to an international audience.  Domestic success alone is no longer enough to thrive in the film industry.  We reached a European audience.  Fantastic.

We’ve submitted to three other festivals thus far and have a list of others we will also try.  Next on tap is the New York International Shorts Festival.  They’ve got our film and the notification date is April 19.  I would love to get into that one.  Great festival in the biggest market in the country, which also happens to be my home town.  I will be there for that one if we’re accepted.

My writing partner and I are also working on the next project.  We plan to have the script finished by the end of the month at which point we’ll begin fund raising.  The life of an indie filmmaker.  Easy?  No.  Rewarding?  So far, very!


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