First Day On Set

Well boys and girls, yours truly is now an experienced director.  Okay, so it’s only one day of experience, but even Woody Allen was a rookie once.  My first day on set was a success.  My actors were a joy to work with and gave me terrific performances.  My crew worked hard and we got some great footage.  I even made an adjustment mid-shoot.

My DP and I had planned about a seven or eight hour shoot.  At the start, things went a little slowly.  That’s to be expected.  After all, it was our first time working together.  After we had gotten about a third of our shots, my unit production manager informed me that at our current pace, we would end up shooting for about twelve hours.  Time for a creative solution.

While cast and crew were on a break, I sat down with the shooting script and made some on the fly changes that saved us a lot of time.  I eliminated a number of shots of a section of the scene from an alternate angle.  The angle was my close ups.  We only shot the coverage where my back was essentially to the camera.  I was only seen in profile.  No problem.

We picked up the pace and I finished the shots with my other two actors and I let them go home.  Then, I set up my close ups as I performed my dialogue to an empty sofa, while my script supervisor fed me the other actor’s lines.  I got everything I needed and we finished in seven hours.  I’m pretty proud of myself.  On schedule and under budget.  And still got the shots.  Morale was high on the set and everyone really seemed to enjoy themselves.

I can’t wait until tomorrow.  Now that I’m experienced, it will be even easier.

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