One More Week!

The lead characters of “Isn’t It Romantic?” Danny Kresky (me) and his wife Diana (Cooper Campbell).

Only one pre-production meeting remains for my short comedy, ISN’T IT ROMANTIC?  That will be this Tuesday, October 9.  Then, next Saturday, October 13 shooting begins.  I’m excited, thrilled and ready to go.  My team and I have worked hard to prepare and we are ready.  A movie set is an unpredictable place where one needs to be ready to react to sets of changing circumstances.  That’s where careful planning comes in.  As my director of photography says, the object is to turn total chaos into mere chaos.

This project has been a blast right from day one.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve expended a tremendous amount of both physical and mental energy and had a few anxious moments, but thus far, directing a film is what I had hoped it would be.  One of my major reasons for shooting this film was as a learning experience and I have already received quite an education.

I feel so much more comfortable with all of the many tasks a director must perform than I did at the start.  I have always been a fast learner and that is proving to be true in this endeavor.  My newly acquired knowledge encompasses a number of different aspects of filmmaking, both technical and creative.  I’ve also become better at blending the skills and personalities of a group of diverse people.

This is perhaps where I have learned the most and where I surprised and impressed myself the most.  My team features a number of true alphas, people with very strong personalities and opinions.  That is exactly how I wanted it.  Those are the types of creative individuals who make the best contributions to any project.  Solid ideas and no fear at all about expressing them.  It is much harder to manage and stay in control of that type of group, but the results are well worth the effort.  I’m a guy who loves a challenge and it feels great to know that I did gain the respect and take the lead of this powerful group.  I feel like I fought my way to the leader of a wolf pack.

I’ve got a great team behind me.  I feel I am on top of my game.  Feeling confident and able to handle anything.  It’s going to be a great little film.  The first of what I plan to be many.



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