The Great Danny Kresky

With the first day of shooting three weeks from today, there’s another job that I have on ISN’T IT ROMANTIC?  that I need to begin working on.  I’ve spent most of my time being Paul Rothbart real life writer/director.  But for this film to work, I have to be just as effective as Danny Kresky, the fictitious and highly successful writer/director who is IIR’s protagonist.

Danny likes to refer to himself as “The Great Danny Kresky”.  He’s tremendously successful and has no problem telling anyone about it. Danny is extremely bright, very talented and really funny.  He’s got a hyperactive imagination and tends to blur reality and the fantasy of the movies.  Danny is very much like his creator, just exaggerated.  He is based on my stand up persona.  I’ve played him thousands of times.  But always as a comic.  Now, I’ve got to portray him as a character in a film.

The real challenge is in creating a convincing relationship with my co-writer and co-star who is playing Danny’s lovely wife, Diana.  Diana is smart and stable, a grounding influence on Danny.  Without her, he would not have succeeded at the level that he has.  They’ve been married twenty years and despite the problems they have in the film, they are devoted to each other and still very much in love.

This is where we both need to work.  Neither myself nor my co-star has ever been married or in a relationship nearly that long.  We’ve only known each other a little over a year.  We are friends and click very well as writing partners and have displayed chemistry in reading these and other roles together.  I have faith we can pull this off, but we do need to work on it.

We’ve both already begun developing the characters.  Actually not too difficult for either of us.  As I said, Danny is based on my stand up persona and I wrote Diana for my co-star, based upon her and she has tweaked Diana to fit.  Now, we’ve got to rehearse so we can realistically portray the ups and downs of the Kreskys.  It’s one of the keys to this film succeeding.  I have faith in both of us.  And I’m willing to do whatever it takes.  She feels that way too.  This film is our baby and we’re going to make it work.


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