Did anyone notice my absence?

I haven’t posted anything in awhile.  That has most likely gone unnoticed, and in fact, there’s a very good chance no one is reading this now.  But, on the off chance that some poor soul who reached an extreme state of boredom was looking for a post from me, I apologize.  Directing a movie is quite a task.  Particularly on a micro budget, when you have to do multiple jobs.  I just have not had the time.

We shoot in less than six weeks.  Things have been going amazingly well.  But for every element that slides neatly into place, there seem to be three others that still need to located.  It’s like climbing a mountain and every time you get to the top, it grows another hundred feet.

I’ll catch you up quickly in this post.  I’ve got a production meeting in a few hours.  I’ll try to get a more entertaining post up later.  (I know.  The movie stuff is boring.  You want details of my issues and how I’m dealing with them.)

We’ve got our crowd funding campaign up on IndieGoGo. www.indiegogo.com/Isnt-It-Romantic?  We’ve gotten three donations so far, which is not a bad start considering we launched over Labor Day weekend.  I placed an ad on Facebook for our fan page and we’re picking up some likes.

This Saturday, we are shooting a short promotional video for IndieGoGo and we will probably put it on YouTube.  Sunday is auditions at a rented studio in the Theater District.  Pretty cool, huh?  We placed an online ad on BackStage and we have gotten submissions from some really good actors who are willing to work free.  We’re going to have a good cast.  That’s essential.

I’m working on organizing our meetings better.  We’ve got so much to do in so little time.  We actually need to be better organized and prepared than a studio production.  We don’t have the resources or manpower to do reshoots or fix problems that a big production would, so everything has to be in place.

We’ve also found a movie theater for our opening scene.  There’s a theater two blocks from my house that has a classic Art Deco movie house look.  We are not using that one.  The town I live in has a film commission, but they are only interested when Hollywood comes calling.  They are terrible about returning phone calls and emails.  I tried to contact the movie theater directly.  Same problem.  I will NEVER shoot a frame of anything in this town.  In fact, my goal is to someday shoot a feature with one scene in every town that borders on the one in which I currently live.

As I said, we do have a theater.  I sent an email to the executive director of the Warner Theater in Torrington, Connecticut, a beautiful and historic building.  He answered in half an hour, said it was doable, let’s talk.  Now, there’s support for local independent filmmakers!

Now, on to the other million things I need to do.  Better posts coming.  I promise.


4 thoughts on “Did anyone notice my absence?

  1. Hi Paul!

    I didn’t notice your absence because I had to stop reading for a while. Summer came and my trade changed from screenwriter to chaufer.

    I’m glad to hear things are coming along well. I didnt think about the fact that an indie production would need to be better organized because it doesn’t have the firefighting abilities of a major studio. It’s a good thing to keep in mind.

    I have to call my Maryland’s State film office later. They only have one person there, so I’m not sure they’ll return my calls either.

    If you have a moment, do you have any suggestions for someone who just got their film shot down my a script editor? I thought it was ready for ciruclation, but he doesn’t agree. Other’s have said it’s in fine shape, only this guy from Hollywood disagrees. How do I figure out whether to send it out or not?

    I wish you the best of luck. Try to remember to eat so you don’t crash!

    • Sorry to take so long responding, Jennifer. I’m incredibly busy with the film. I would be happy to give you some suggestions about your script. I just need some more information. What specifically did he say made it not ready? Also, who were the others? Friends, even fellow writers are often less objective than a stranger. If you would like, email me @ gcinct@gmail.com and I will see if I can be of help.

      Thank you for the well wishes. I do have to be sure I eat (and sleep) well. I tend to neglect those things when I get busy.

  2. After looking into a few of the blog articles on your web page, I honestly
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  3. Thank you for the compliment, tapis. What is it about the way I write that you like? My blog is kind of informal and conversational. I started it to promote my upcoming movie, but I find that I am enjoying it very much. I just do it in a stream of consciousness type of way with very little editing. It’s not as polished as most of the blogs I read. I could make it more formal and read like magazine articles, but I think my personality comes through better this way.

    I will look at your website and comment. Thank you for the follow. Very flattering.

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