Can’t I Wear My Sneakers?

Tonight was another step in the preproduction process.  It was out of my comfort zone.  It also brought back childhood memories.  I found it amusing, but I have to admit, it was kind of fun.

One of my co-producers took me clothes shopping.  Wardrobe is an essential ingredient in a film.  Not only does the clothing a character wears visually reveal clues about that character, but the colors, textures and style are all a part of the overall look of the movie.  They help set the tone and underscore the genre.  It was an unusual evening for me, because I am not a fashionista.

I live in jeans, T-shirts and sneakers for the most part.  I hate shoes, they hurt my feet.  I wear polo shirts sometimes, and I really like sweaters in the winter.  I have no idea what colors look good on me, although people have told me that blue is nice on me.  I like black and darker colors in general.

I don’t buy clothes often and when I do, I attempt to get it over with as quickly and painlessly as possible.  I don’t even try things on.  If it turns out something doesn’t fit, well, that’s what closets are for.  So where do I put the clothes that do fit?  That’s what couches, beds and occasionally lamps are for.  (Only a slight exaggeration).

Tonight was different.  I am 100% committed to this film and will do whatever it takes to make it great.  As my co-producer pointed out to me, I have to dress the way my character Danny would, not the way I would.  So I was a paragon of cooperation, trying on different combinations.  The gray pants with the blue shirt.  the brown pants with the gold shirt.  This belt, that tie.  I even put on a pair of shoes.  Ouch!

Honestly, it was fun.  I am a very patient person and I trust the judgement of my team.  It reminded me of school shopping with my mother when I was in elementary school.  Back then, we were expected to wear dress pants and shirts as well as shoes to class.  My mother would drag us to the store.  In and out of the dressing room.  “Mom!  Why do I have to try it on?  It’s my size.  Can’t I wear my jeans, PF Flyers and Property of the New York Rangers T-shirt?  The collar’s too tight.  These shoes hurt.”  My mother put up with a lot.

Tonight had that kind of feel.  But it worked out.  We walked into a big sale.  (God, I can’t believe I just wrote that!)  We found some good stuff and now I can look like a successful writer/director instead of the “I’ve accomplished nothing” writer/director I actually am.  The magic of the movies.

Production meeting Tuesday night.  Promotional video and pictures for our crowd funding campaign.  So foreign to me.  Maybe next time, I’ll stay behind the camera.  Nah.  My ego is way too big.  Can’t deprive my audience of my incredible personality.

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