We got our location!

At this moment, I’m feeling much better than I usually do.  I made the trip along with one of my co-producers to take a look at the house we were hoping to shoot in.  We got it!

I have to say, this worked out much better than expected.  I placed a Craigslist ad several weeks ago seeking a house to shoot in.  I wasn’t sure if I would get any responses.  I did get six, but the first one was the best.

Owned by a very nice couple, they are supportive of the arts and feel that their beautiful home should be shared with the public.  What a great outlook.  I have to honestly say, I am every bit as happy to have met them as I am that we have our location.  In a world where far too often people are selfish and self-centered, it is refreshing to meet such wonderful and philanthropic individuals.

As we toured the house, we were amazed.  Built in 1936, it served as a summer estate for a family that spent their leisure time riding horses.  The stables are still on the property, although converted to apartments.  We found ideal rooms and exterior locations for every scene we plan to shoot there.  The rooms are all very large with plenty of room for crew and equipment.  If we could have afforded to build sets, they couldn’t have been any better.

We were able to negotiate an amazing rate.  It fits our budget nicely and I am truly grateful that they agreed to it.   I also was happy to offer a position as a production assistant for their son, parts as extras for the gentleman of the house and his daughter, and I am giving him an executive producer credit.  I think that is very fair and they deserve every bit of it.  Wow.  How did we ever pull this off?

I am actually filled with conflicting emotions.  I am marching toward the fulfillment of a long time dream: I’m going to make a movie.  There’s no turning back now.  I’m also a little nervous.  I feel as though things are going too well.  I don’t deserve this and it never happens this easily.   I also confess that I feel some pressure.  The path is opening up.  I now have to traverse it and deliver the goods.  If it were just me, that would be one thing.  But, I have a whole team of friends who are depending on me.  I’ve got to come through.

Fortunately, I have always thrived under pressure.  The anxiety feeds me, energizes me.  I’m pushed against the wall.  When the heat is on and it’s crunch time, I’m going to do what I’ve done my entire life; rise to the occasion and perform to the best of my considerable abilities.


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