My First Blog

I’ve never embraced the social media revolution.  I could never see the point of broadcasting my every move, no matter how dull, to hundreds of people on Facebook or Twitter.  After all, anyone who would be interested in what I’m having for dinner, or what I’m watching on television would be someone I would see in person on a regular basis.  Why tell strangers such mundane things?

Things have changed.  I am preparing to direct my first movie, a comedy short that I wrote myself.  I have been using LinkedIn for about a year, and I’ve solicited advice from experienced filmmakers.  They all highly recommend promoting the movie using social media sites starting immediately.  I welcome advice from those more in the know than me.  So, I’ve tentatively stepped into the shallow end of the pool.  The film titled, ISN’T IT ROMANTIC? has a Facebook fan page and is on Twitter.  A web page will follow shortly.  So, I thought, why not a blog?  I would be happy to share my experiences as I undertake a creative and difficult endeavor.  Who knows?  There might even be a few interested people.

So here it is: my first blog.  I’m going to deal primarily with my projects related to filmmaking and not my personal life.  If you’re someone I share intimate information with, we are in real life contact.  But don’t worry, I have multiple projects going on at all times and a unique and personal way of dealing with them.  I’m pretty much a mess of a human being, but that is fascinating in itself.  I’m also extremely intelligent, incredibly talented and hilariously funny.  (Not to mention humble to a fault!)  So, jump onboard and let’s have some fun together.


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